Prices are set at the margins – part 2

A 69 year old man wants to change his age to 49 to be able to trick younger women into dating him.

No, really.

Just when you thought an Irish bogtrotter with no known African relatives receiving a grant for “identifying as black” was insane, here comes the next marginal price-setting for the cultural Marxists;

A bunch of lawyers and at least one judge, presumably all funded by the generous Dutch taxpayers, are going to have to discuss this in a court of law. Intelligent, highly-qualified sane adult humans are going to stand up in court and argue for and against age being a social construct.

Stop laughing at the back, this is important stuff.

Bill’s Opinion

If gender and race are social constructs, why not age?

Indeed, why not species?

In fact, why not gravity? If we agree that gravity is a social construct and its oppressive requirement for us to stay permanently attached to the earth’s surface is a result of institutional patriarchal hierarchy, why can’t we sue the government for preventing us from swooping like the birds?

Alternatively, the future version of Edward Gibbon, when documenting the decline and fall of western civilisation, might point to moments such as these as being pivotal in the process of opening the gates to let the barbarians in and run amok.

7 Replies to “Prices are set at the margins – part 2”

  1. “In fact, why not gravity? If we agree that gravity is a social construct…… ”

    Do keep up (About 2:59 if you can’t bear to listen to it all. )

  2. I was hoping that this was a piss-take, and that someone was raising this in order to demonstrate the idiocy of the social constructionists’ efforts regarding sex and race.

    1. Sorry.
      This is how Rome ends.

      Tune in tomorrow for a tale from the front line and a new method I am going to offer as open source to all those wishing to fight in the vanguard.

  3. I’m almost certain it’s a piss take. Watching the guy give an interview, he seems to be enjoying it,in a sardonic passion, far too much

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