Royally projecting a strawman

37 year old first time soon-to-be mother, Meghan Windsor, has been suffering from first trimester sickness and has been taking things easy on her recent tour to the Antipodes.

This is the fault of duh patriarchy, apparently.

Here’s some evidence;

“People are complaining about the few engagements you missed”.

Go on, name one person who’s complained. You’ve strewn hyperlinks all over your column, it seems strange there isn’t one to any report of these multiple complainants.

“The woman formerly known as Meghan Markle will notice her identity transform”.

Okaaay. As in, “transform into a member of one of the most privileged and wealthy families in the world”? Excuse me if I’m late for the protest march demanding Meghan is released from the evil clutches of duh patriarchy.

Bill’s Opinion

We could spend the remainder of this post fisking Kasey Edwards’ couple of hundred words where she builds strawmen and complains about how unfair biology is but, really, what’s the point?

Instead, let’s just offer some musical commentary on Kasey’s views.

Take it away Jake;

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  1. It’s the world’s longest-running and most successful reality show. The difference between that and a soap being that the characters have lives. Journalists seem to think that whatever happens in the House of Windsor is under the control of a showrunner and scriptwriters.

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