Bad news for Tasmanians and South Australians

Immigrant might be married to his sister.

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    1. Actually, I thoroughly enjoy reading it for several reasons;
      1. Immense satisfaction by right clicking and going “incognito” when the paywall warning comes up.
      2. It’s a rear indicator of the correct opinion to be taken when being lazy about a current affairs issue – i.e. take the opposite.
      3. Clementine Ford is the best Australian comedian alive.


        Tetlock, the superforecasting man, found that experts were roughly as good as dart-throwing chimpanzees in making predictions, with an inverse relationship between the fame of the expert and the accuracy of their predictions.

        If we ever encountered someone whose opinions were a hundred per cent correct, we would suspect we were being taken for a ride. But there are people who are so completely and persistently wrong that you could make a lot of money by taking a bet the other way. I would love to get hold of Tetlock’s data and see if he hasn’t been looking at the problem upside-down.

        Clemmie certainly does make Joanna Lumley look like an absolute beginner at playing the self-obsessed, wildly erratic dumb blonde. Not only that, but her satire is so subtly tongue-in-cheek that most readers/viewers probably think she’s genuine.

        1. That’s exactly the philosophy my (very successful) financial advisor uses. If the commentariat are saying the bond/share/gold/uranium/etc market is fucked, buy more.

          In the SMH, Fitzsimons, Pascoe (before he was fired), Clementine, Jessica Irvine, etc. are all wonderful contra-indicators for all things political, financial and cultural.

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