Where wouldn’t you let your daughter holiday alone?

If you listen very closely you can hear the sound of Reuters breathing its last breath of life as a news agency.

As an organisation, it may still survive but it is no longer performing the function it has spent the previous 166 years doing.

The ten most dangerous countries in the world for women.

Number Ten on that list is……

The United States of America.

Wait, what?

THE United States of America?

Apparently so. According to Reuters, the USA is equal to Syria for sexual violence to women.

Does this pass the sniff test?

Before we answer that, let’s check out a few countries that aren’t in the 9 listed as worse than the US of A.

In no particular order;

South Sudan

North Korea

Sierra Leone






So why is the USA worse for women than these countries?

Because (drum roll);

Oh, do just FUCK OFF.

So, 32,570,000 American women have been raped? Really?

That would certainly explain why there is such a massive exodus of women emigrating from hell holes such as, say, Boston, to claim asylum in Tripoli, Pyongyang, Caracas and Freetown.

Oh, hang on…

Bill’s Opinion

This is a classic “revealed versus expressed preferences” example.

A simple search for tourism numbers to any of the countries on Reuters’ list and my additional options versus those to the USA will tell you everything you need to know about this survey.

You would have few qualms about your teenage daughter holidaying in America. Sierra Leone, however?

One presumes the Cultural Marxists at Reuters simply searched the #MeToo hashtag and decided that every claim of rape equals an actual rape.

In reality, people base their decisions on where to live and where to holiday on more tangible facts, hence why there isn’t a rush to claim asylum on grounds of gender by half the American population of women and why teenage daughters holiday in the USA without their parents lying awake at night wracked with worry.

Lastly, in Reuters’ own words;

Yeah, right.

5 Replies to “Where wouldn’t you let your daughter holiday alone?”

  1. This is a close cousin of that meme with the woman weeping, saying “I wanted North Korea to nuke America to make Trump look bad.”

    Social media were supposed to bring us all together. Instead (in the USA anyway) they have become fora for open exhibition of hysteria and hatred. Both cons and libs are guilty but the libs seem to have developed a higher level of virulence.

  2. They’ve already chucked Principle #1, given that they are 62% owned by the Thompson family, no? Given that shareholding was established when Thompson Corp bought Reuters Group to form the company, you have to wonder why they bothered even writing it down.

    1. I find these virtuous claims of impartiality to always be laughable.

      The worst form of lying is self-delusion. If you’ve convinced yourself you are impartial on all manner of news topics, what depths of trickery and mendacity can’t you fall for in the pursuit of public righteousness?

      Like the male journalist at Trump’s recent press conference who implored the President to pick a female questioner after him.
      *after him*
      Which reminds us of St. Augustine; “Lord make me chaste……. but not yet.”.

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