“In the firing line”

This month’s Australian Prime Minister has apparently put the lives of transgender kids “in the firing line”, not once but three times already during the first couple of weeks into his 18 month tenure.

What a truly awful human being he must be.

What was it he said or did to put such venerable vulnerable lives in danger? See if you can guess from this handy list;

  • Gave the armed forces the powers to arrest kids on the street if they are wearing clothing inappropriate to their biological sex.
  • Gave an interview inciting violence against transgender children.
  • Whipped up a mob who subsequently recreated Kristalnacht on transgender children.
  • Wrote a tweet suggesting we stop paying “consultants” to encourage kids to identify as transgender regardless of whether they’ve previously articulated such sentiments or not.

The last one, obviously. This is the age of Victim Olympics, after all. A few alpha-numeric characters on a computer screen saying, “let kids be kids” is now the equivalent of actual violence.

Helpfully, the Grauniad has a guest column by a “Phd candidate in architecture” (which I think means, they’re not only not qualified in biology, psychology or any other ‘ology’ but they’re also not even qualified in architecture yet). There’s more chuckles to be had too as the PhD candidate’s name is Simona Castricum and they’re transgender and presumably were born “Simon”. So, instead of picking the usual female version of “Simon”, i.e. “Simone”, they decided to really underline the feminity they’re seeking by adding the more unambiguous letter “a” as a suffix. I don’t think I’ve ever met a “Simona” before, have you?

Hopefully he’s gone the full monty and had his bits removed too, making the surname so much more accurate.

Anyway, pointless ad hominens aside, here’s further evidence that we are currently living in a world where, as Scott Adams suggests, there are two different movies playing side by side and you’re likely watching a different one to a whole group of other people;

“Some boys have vaginas”? Not on the planet most humans occupy. We have a perfectly-usable noun to describe “boys with vaginas”. Clue: it starts with the letter “g”.

And thank you the Grauniad for pointing out that I’ve missed a further proliferation of the alphabet club;

LGBTIQA+? (the question mark is mine, just to clarify).

Is there a handy reckoning guide one can cut out and in keep in one’s wallet to help remember the rules of demarcation between those various letters and characters? Should we be concerned that the ASCII code is going to run out of characters soon?


Bill’s Opinion

Depending on which study you prefer, the scientific evidence points strongly that, left un-transitioned, most (i.e. >60%) of kids who claim they are transgender before puberty go on to return to identifying as their original gender but are homosexual.

Now, we could give these kids puberty blockers and encourage them to publicly act the part of the other gender but are we really comfortable with making permanent physiological changes and, probably, psychological changes when the chances are no better than a coin toss that they aren’t just experiencing an awakening feeling of being gay?

4 Replies to ““In the firing line””

  1. The nice thing about being a consultant is that you still get paid even if (as is the usual case) they don’t take your advice.

    To get paid you have to get consultancies and that involves making a lot of noise. That’s all that’s happening here.

    The nett result is that the annual number of biological males having a snip snip and bob’s your auntie will climb from thirteen to sixteen and the number of females having a strapacocktome will increase from one to one point oh one.

    The interesting part is the dog whistle effect on the Gnudaria. They automatically rubberstamp shit like this probably after reading the lead in paragraph alone.

    1. Perhaps we should run a sweepstake on when certain newspapers “do an Independent”. ie just drop down to being a website?
      I’ll start off;
      Sydney Morning Herald – 2021
      Guardian – 2020

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