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Trevor Noah is a South African comedian currently earning big bucks in the USA as the darling of the left-leaning media (but I repeat myself).

Not being much of a TV viewer, especially not of programmes filled with virtue signalling, my only previous exposure to Trevor’s work was when he appeared on Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix show, “Comedians in cars getting coffee”, which, incidentally, would be more grammatically-pleasing if it were renamed “buying” or “drinking” coffee.

Actually, the shows title is often misleading in other ways; Sarah Jessica Parker, for example, is a mediocre actress who may have also once or twice said something funny but she completely failed to repeat the experience on camera throughout the entirety of her episode.

But we digress.

On Noah’s episode, he seemed to make great store by referencing his experiences living under the oppressive Apartheid system.

For the record, Noah was born in 1984. Apartheid was overturned and democratic majority rule was implemented in 1994.

Perhaps Noah has vivid pre-pubescent memories of institutional racism and segregation or perhaps he is playing the race card to inveigle himself with a sympathetic but naive American audience.

Anyway, it turns out that even people with melanin in their skin can still be racist. Footage of Noah has surfaced of him saying mean things about Australian Aborignal women.

Wait, what?

Bill’s Opinion

This must be very confusing for people, how can a dark-skinned person be racist?

Using our patented razor of logic, we can easily clear this up;

People familiar with the ethnic demographics of South Africa will realise that Trevor Noah is what is/was referred to there as “Coloured”, that is, mixed race.

Somewhere in his ancestry Trevor has a European ancestor, presumably a horrid oppressive rapist white person (but I repeat myself).

Clearly it’s these genes that are responsible for Trevor’s vile comments that Australian Aboriginal women are not attractive and not the fact that people of all ethnic backgrounds can be racist dickheads.

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  1. Noah hosts The Daily Show. From clips I’ve watched on Youtube, he appears to be the show-runner. This is an extremely demanding job that very few people are capable of holding down. I’ve watched one of his stand-up shows live and several on video. I don’t find him comedic, but he came over as earnest, sincere, and all those honest things. He describes himself as non-partisan while just having published a Trump-hating book. Not my cuppa tea comedy-wise or politically but I respect my former compatriot for his undoubted huge talent.

    Biographical note: the evil Wypipo in Noah’s ancestry is his father Robert, a German Swiss.

    1. German Swiss?

      Couldn’t you have just written “Nazi” and saved a few virtual trees?

      I can find liberal comedians funny, Stewart Lee, for example, but the comedy has to be the most important part of their craft and not subservient to the righteous message.

      It’ll be interesting to see how he goes on his forthcoming Australian tour and read the news reports counting the number of protestors outside his shows.

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