When critical thinking ends, self-hate begins

This briefly leapt into my Creepbook for Business timeline yesterday before I judiciously hit the “unfollow” button on the twat who thought this was appropriate to my professional life.

If that’s not bad enough, the comments should ruin any remaining hope you have for post-Renaissance Western civilisation. With very few exceptions, every response is a variant on virtue signalling, self- loathing, identity politics and really poor quality (if at all) critical thinking.

Obviously the flow chart is meant as a commentary on the fact that the most recent USA school shooter is a young white male.

It’s hard to think that anything good at all can result from these tragedies but at the very least we can identify who among us are absolute fools.

99% of the commentators on the above post, for example.

Bill’s Opinion

We could play the identity politics game and run a Pareto of numbers of gun crimes and murders by ethnicity of the perpetrator (first prize African American) or we could wave a finger at Virginia Tech, but we won’t.

Why? Because the reason we are in this shitty hole is mainly due to identity politics.

Oh, and the irony should not be lost that Ian Bremner’s employer is “Eurasia Group”, as in “we’ve always been at war with Eurasia“.

Useful Idiot.

2 Replies to “When critical thinking ends, self-hate begins”

  1. Thank you sir! I could probably use that chart to prove my pro-rights viewpoint, actually. Now that the GOP controls the government (ha!) the calls for gun control will be deafening, since – like the right wing from 2010-2016 – everyone knows nothing will be done legislatively, so let the fury fly!

    I’ve been to Newman’s and Worstall’s (before my employer decided it was a hateblog) abodes attempting to remind people that my rights aren’t dependent on those few who abuse theirs and have been dismayed to see nominally freedom-minded people wholly ready to demand the last check against tyranny be dismantled so they can feel better about a senseless slaughter.

    It’s very, very small solace to know that by simply possessing lethal weaponry I have the ability to defend my rights, given that doing so would deprive my wife and child of their primary provider. Here’s hoping it never comes to that. Also, here’s hoping that British subjects don’t rue their own de-fanging if (when?) a critical mass of Sharia practitioners hold the reigns of power.

    1. The only logical thing to do when these events and their subsequent media hysteria to “do something” occur is to buy more guns and ammo.

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