The best women are men

Remember the transgender Aussie Rules player trying to play in the women’s league?

(Hannah Mouncey, not to be confused with a bricklayer from the 1970s)

Well, “Hannah” Mouncey has just been given the green light and is eligible to compete as a woman.

Readers outside Australia will probably find coverage of the league on satellite television channels or via the watch again facility on Australian tv channel seven. I’m sure most matches will be fun to watch but there will be an extra frisson of vicarious adrenaline rush if they show footage of the recently-female “Hannah” smashing in to an originally-female player.

See also; Fallon Fox.

2 Replies to “The best women are men”

  1. This is developing into quite a theme around the world, and it’s often just as funny when the combat is less physical. Here in the UK, we have Jeremy Corbyn in favour of people being able to self-select their gender: if they say they are a woman, then that’s what they are. But he’s also in favour of all-women shortlists for candidates in his party. What could possibly go wrong?

    1. A useful thought experiment with this stuff is to pretend you’re explaining it to a 5 year old.

      If you can’t manage it without the imaginary child saying “huh?”, it’s probably bollocks.

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