Probably the most subtle humblebrag of the month

And we’re only a week into February.

Translation for those who don’t speak Creepbook for Business English;

Look at me! Look at me!

I’ve made it so far up the corporate ladder that I have to travel for work. In fact, I’m working so hard that I’m at work about 3 hours before the rest of you proles even wake up.

However, I’m the victim here because, well, the patriarchy or something.

If you can search for the original post (I’m not going to put a link here as I prefer anonymity), the comments are great too with even more humblebragging stories of “creeps” in business class lounges.

Bill’s Opinion

Oh do just shut the fuck up, please.

6 Replies to “Probably the most subtle humblebrag of the month”

    1. I agree. This is heinous isn’t it?

      In other news, my kids are at a school with a terrible female bias when recruiting teachers.

  1. The obvious solution being that airlines must sell 50% of their tickets to females for pre 7.30 am flights. Possibly reducing passengers on these flights to about ten. A suitably diverse outcome.

    What is a chief disruption officer?

    1. I’d heard of this but hadn’t seen a like to it. Just downloading the podcast now.

      The findings seem somewhat inconvenient to the current narrative, don’t they?

      How amusing!

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