The left discovers the pension Ponzi for the first time

Quoting from this CNN article.

In unrelated news, the USA currently has a Gross Federal Debt balance of 106% of GDP, or $20.24 trillion in change.

Bill’s Opinion

Either we’re worried about the national debt because we believe it needs to be paid back eventually or we’re sanguine because we don’t think it will need to be repaid.

If the former, then we must also be concerned about the creeping pension Ponzi.

If the latter, who gives a damn about pensions as we can simply roll the debt over and carry on borrowing?

Using pensions as a justification for increased immigration is illogical and disingenuous if you’re unconcerned about debt.

Lastly, “whites”? Sigh; yet more identity politics bollocks.

3 Replies to “The left discovers the pension Ponzi for the first time”

  1. “Lastly, “whites”? Sigh; yet more identity politics bollocks.”

    Indeed. The problem with the ponzi scheme being fuelled by immigrants is that those elderly whites will shortly be joined by elderly people of different colours. Then what? Presumably the ponzi scheme will continue, unless the country is then so unappealing to migrants that the process becomes unsustainable.

  2. The writer identifies himsehimself as chief evangelist.

    Not optimistic to be expecting a logical or informed argument…

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