On “shitholes”

The Outrage Bus continues to pick up passengers, presumably none of whom have ever visited Lagos, Nigeria.

Bill’s Opinion

Some countries are more pleasant places to live than others.

This is not necessarily a function of climate or geography but often mainly due to culture.

If this were not true, we would see boats full of French, Italian and Greek refugees heading south to the North African coast to claim asylum each summer.

2 Replies to “On “shitholes””

  1. Very true. I don’t have strong opinions about Trump, but he is certainly a game-changer because he articulates crudely in public what other politicians say in private, and what most of the general public know to be true. Nobody is really shocked by this. The outrage is entirely feigned, and is designed to shut people up.

    Keep up the good work, Bill!

    1. Thanks!

      Love or hate him, it has to be acknowledged that he’s either incredibly lucky at driving the news cycle or he knows what he’s doing.

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