When the rights of one group impact the rights of another

Australia is about to undertake a national vote survey on same sex marriage.

Luckily for the “Lucky Country”, because they are such laggards in this regard, there are plenty of current experiments underway around the world for them to observe and ensure they get it right.

Helpfully for our Australian friends, “g’day mates, chuck another baby in the dingo and chunder me up a fair dinkum blue“, we’ve produced the following cut out and keep handy reckoner to ensure that even the drunkest of them can get it right when the voting survey form arrives;

7 Replies to “When the rights of one group impact the rights of another”

  1. Does the newly married couple plan to adopt children and is their evidence that a child will grow and thrive in a family environment with same sex parents?

    1. Good point but that would require the font to change to 10 from 12.

      I’d also considered a large side flow chart examining what rights same civil partnerships didn’t have compared to married couples but it became a little tiresome for reasons I’ll let the reader discover for themselves.

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